Goßlerhaus in New Glory

One of the most significant examples of the grand manors in Hamburg-Blankenese has been restored

Along with the Hessehaus and Katharinenhof, the historically protected Goßlerhaus is one of the most extraordinary examples of the grand manors in Hamburg-Blankenese.

The property on the barren Krähenburg, which at that time belonged to Denmark, was purchased by the English businessman and Courtmaster, John Blacker in 1790. He had an English park layed out and in 1794 he built a single storey country house in the Classic Revival style.

The building was purchased by John Henry Goßler in 1897 who added an additional storey. The house burned down in 1901 but the entire inventory was saved. Goßler had the house re-built according to the old ground plan. The municipality of Blankenese bought the house and park in 1924 and turned it into the town hall. In 2006 restoration and renovation work on the building was started. The surface of the facade had been coated with various materials and was also covered with graffiti. The entrance of moisture had also taken its toll on the building material.

The work to repair and restore the facade was carried out up to the year 2008 with numerous products made by Remmers Baustofftechnik. Restoration Mortar, Bonding Mortar, Fine Render as well as Silicone Brush-On Render and a final coating of Silicone Paint LA have restored the building to its old glory.

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