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Preparatory Mortar Rapid
Fast setting, special preparatory mortar

Range of use

  • Component in the Kiesol waterproofing system and the Remmers restoration render systems
  • For quickly preparing render bases before applying mineral renders
  • For quickly evening differing absorption behaviour of the render base, e.g. porous brick, natural stone or mixed masonry work
  • As a fast setting bonding layer or poorly absorbent render bases
  • e.g. interior waterproofing, concrete, dense and smooth brick

Property profile

  • Factory-mixed, dry mortar that is ready to use after mixing with water
  • Easy to apply, good adhesion capacity
  • Fast hydraulic setting
  • Can be worked over with render after just 90 minutes
  • Highly sulphate resistant with a low, active alkali content
  • Provides good anchorage for susquently applied layers of render
  • Resistant to water, weather and frost and water vapour permeable

Technical Information

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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