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Mould Restoration Render
Capillary active, climate regulating render

Range of use

  • Remmers Mould Restoration Render is used to repair, renovate and refurbish damp interior walls in old and new buildings at risk of mould to prevent condensation processes
  • Because of its low weight per unit area and favourable deformation behaviour. Mould Restoration Render is also suitable for sub-strates with less strength and less load-bearing capacity
  • Can be used on all mineral substrates that are suitable for the application of render such as masonry brick, sand-lime brick, concrete, aerated concrete, rubble stone and lime-cement render (indoors and outdoors)

Property profile

  • Because of it high capillary conductivity, Remmers Mould Restoration Render accelerates drying of damp surfaces. Because of its low thermal conductivity coefficient, the light-weight render is thermally insulating. Since the temperature rises on the surface of the interior wall, relative moisture is lower in the layer of air close to the surface which prevents the growth of mould spores in damp areas above the dew point. The water vapour permeable and water resistant mortar has a high water storing capacity. All of these properties prevent renewed infestation with mould over the long term.

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