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SP Top rapid
Fibre based, single layer, fast setting restoration render

Range of use

  • Remmers Restoration Render Rapid can be used for fast repair, renovation and restoration of damp wall surfaces, even with salt loads (interior wall surfaces in basements and old buildings)
  • For facades, heritage buidlings and monuments
  • Also for high salt loads when used in combination with Remmers Undercoat Render
  • For all mineral substrates that are suitable for the application of render such as masonry brick, sand-lime brick, concrete, aerated concrete, rubble stone and lime-cement render (indoors and outdoors)

Property profile

  • Remmers Restoration Render Rapid is a factory-mixed, mineral, light-weight render for refurbishing buildings
  • Easy to apply and finish the surface in one layer up to 30 mm!
  • Sets quickly
  • Highly sulphate resistant
  • Binds water early and can be worked over quickly
  • Coatings or finishing renders can be applied after just 24 hours!
  • The render sets and develops its hydrophobic properties even in > 60% humidity
  • Can be applied by machine
  • Highly stable
  • Promotes drying large active pore spaces (> 50 %)
  • Prevents a loss of heat caused by the penetration of moisture
  • Condensation does not form on the surface
  • Water, weather and frost resistant

Technical Information

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