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Compound Mortar
Universal cementing and reinforcement mortar

Range of use

  • Cementing, reinforcement, filling and repair mortar, for the restoration of old buildings and for new buildings
  • For repairing cracked render and bonded thermal insulation systems on facades
  • For bedding reinforcement fabric
  • For smoothing uneven textures on old, cleaned and load-bearing render surfaces
  • For repairing small holes and missing areas
  • For attaching insulation panels in interior and plinth areas (above ground level)
  • Can be applied on mineral, substrates suitable for renders, e.g. brick masonry, sand-lime bricks, concrete, aerated concrete, rough cleft stones and lime-cement renders

Property profile

  • Can applied by hand as well as by conventional rendering machines equipped with an after mixer
  • Very smooth and easy to work
  • Stable and high yielding
  • Adheres well when used as a cement for insulation panels and as a coating on cement-based substrates
  • Water repelling, highly water vapour permeable
  • Water, weather and frost resistant, stress-equalising

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