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Latest International News

Remmers Flooring Systems Installed at Distribution Centre 26.02.2016

A selection of Remmers flooring systems have been installed at the new Food Distribution Centre for Pallas Foods (now part of Sysco) in North County Dublin.  The new €45m facility includes two warehouse areas totalling 33,000 sq.m half of which is dedicated to refrigerated storage areas as well as 2,500 sq.m. of high specification office space.Over 3000m2 of Remmers flooring materials were used in the facility including Remmers Crete RT, a heavy duty polyurethane screed, to the refrigerated storage areas. Remmers Ceramix coloured quartz was applied to the canteen and wash room areas, and Remmers Floormix aggregate was incorporated as a binder to our Epoxy CR Color, a chemical resistant coating which was required for the vehicle maintenance and battery charge areas.


Remmers Technical Sales Manager Tom Dossett Elected as FeRFA Vice Chairman 26.02.2016

Remmers UK Ltd are delighted to announce that Tom Dossett has been elected as Vice Chairman of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA).Having joined Remmers UK Ltd in 2010 as the Midlands Technical Sales Manager and with 20 years experience in the construction industry working in the ready mixed concrete and screeds sector and more specifically in resin flooring, Tom has successfully managed a wide and varied range of projects for all market sectors from Automotive and Aerospace through to Education and Retail.Tom has been an active member of the FeRFA Council for the last four years and is looking forward to his new exciting and challenging role.


Remmers Deliver Food Grade Flooring 14.01.2016

Hygienic food grade flooring was required to the automated filling and packaging lines at the relocated premises of Nature Delivered (www.graze.com).A number of steel structure mezzanines were constructed to maximize space and house new sorting and packing machinery. Each mezzanine level required a complicated matrix of cross falls within the sub-screed and a hard wearing, hygienic, slip-resistant resin floor finish, with integral perimeter coving. Due to the fast track nature of the build process, an epoxy damp-proof membrane was required prior to installation of the resin finishes. Remmers Haftfest Polymer was added to the sand/cement screed to improve its performance characteristics, increasing compressive strength and reducing the potential for drying shrinkage cracking. The screed was laid to falls and subsequently primed with 2 coats of Epoxy MT100 damp-proof membrane and topped with a nominal 8mm thick layer of Remmers Crete HF hard wearing polyurethane screed.


Waterproofing Simplified with Remmers Multi-Tight 2K 24.09.2015

Multi-Tight 2K is a new, flexible, mineral based waterproofing product which has all the performance properties of older technology polymer-modified thick bitumen emulsions, whilst being “bitumen free”. Using unique rubber granulate filler technology Multi-Tight 2K has a crack-bridging capacity which is five times more effective than standard flexible mineral-based waterproofing systems.The versatility of the product allows it to be used to waterproof below ground externally and internally offering excellent resistance to ground or water pressure as well as frost and salts. It is very quick and easy to apply by trowel or spray application, has fantastic levels of adhesion to most substrates including old bitumen and dries very quickly in less than 18 hours.Multi Tight 2K is UV stable but can also be over-coated with Remmers Concrete Acrylic in any colour allowing Clients to aesthetically blend in areas of waterproofing on building facades.Waterproofing your building has now been t


Energy Saving Refurbishment with Remmers iQ Therm System 03.08.2015

The listed 19th Century former Schoolhouse overlooking the Dublin mountains was renovated and extended to create a new energy efficient residential family home. So that the exterior facade of the existing property was not altered in any way, internal insulation was installed to the interior of the stone walls of the original house.Due to the build up of condensation behind conventional insulation when applied to single leaf construction, it became apparent that a “breathable insulation system” would be required.  Remmers IQ Therm was chosen as it has the highest level of insulation for given thickness of breathable systems. The original U-value of the wall was approx 3.3W/m2K and was improved to 0.33W/m2K. Remmers IQ Therm is a complete system of fixing/insulation and finishing available in 3 board thicknesses.The renovation was followed on RTEs “Room to Improve” house renovation show with Architect Dermot Bannon.


A High Performance from Remmers 08.04.2015

To compliment their recently refurbished showroom, a new ‘high tech’ workshop has been constructed at Charles Hurst Ferrari, the official Ferrari dealer in Northern Ireland.Remmers UK Ltd along with McLaughlin and Harvey Contractors were appointed to oversee the installation of a flooring system in keeping with the Ferrari brand and suitable for a workshop environment.The existing old concrete floor in the workshop was constructed in several slabs and therefore a high potential for movement existed.The floor required filling and levelling prior to the application of the new flexible surface finish.  The system proposed by Remmers was a flexible 3mm visco elastic PUR resin system with a polyurethane seal coat.  The seal coat has integral R11 slip rating and a high degree of chemical resistance.


Remmers Industrial Flooring System Earns it's Stripes 19.01.2015

Remmers Industrial Flooring Systems have been used extensively as part of an expansion project to double the size of the manufacturing area at the Promat BD warehouse.

Capeland Industrial Flooring were contracted to install 1800m2 of Remmers flooring system to the new extension that was being built to create additional warehouse space, as well as a requirement for 1200m2 of flooring to the existing machining area which was over 10 years old.

It was decided that the new, more durable flooring being applied in the extended building, would also be implemented to the existing building with a new finish within the whole warehouse area.

The flooring needed to be durable, non-slip and resistant to oils whilst the warehouse floor required a hard-wearing, smooth finish suitable for fork-lift traffic and incorporating a DPM as it was being laid over freshly applied concrete.


Remmers Floormix DQ - The Ideal Solution 20.11.2014

The main production area of the Express Contract Drying factory in South Wales required refurbishment.  The existing slabs created significant substrate challenges due to the mixture of old finishes and bare concrete.

TPS360, the contractor for the project, was instructed to produce a new floor finish that needed to be slip resistant with good chemical resistance whilst providing an attractive and highly durable finish.

Remmers Floormix DQ flooring system was chosen for its special blend of decorative colour quartz aggregate and extreme durability which was ideally suited for this application. Due to time constraints on the program, fast curing resin screeds were installed, to falls, to an exacting standard to avoid ponding. 


Remmers Serve up 5 Star Flooring at Hotel 03.04.2014

Remmers Floormix DQ system has been installed by Phoenix Specialist Flooring to upgrade the floors and coves to the kitchens of a major hotel chain in the Midlands.  The system was laid over the existing quarry tiles using Remmers FAS Primer 100, chosen for its exceptional bond to wet, glazed and difficult surfaces.


Due to the nature of the busy hotel kitchen area, the Floormix DQ system was selected by the Client to meet their requirements for a seamless, hard wearing surface that was easy to clean and maintain as well as providing a good level of slip resistance.


The installation was carried out over four days as part of a fast track, full kitchen fit-out project.


Eircom Get A Facelift From Remmers 25.10.2013

The Eircom exchange building, constructed in the 1970’s, consists of a rendered exterior of architectural interest and features curves and round “porthole” style windows.

The exterior render was suffering with a high degree of cracking. Repairs to the render were carried out using Betofix RM, a fast cure feather edge repair mortar prior to application of the coating system.

Remmers Elastoflex system was chosen to accommodate the anticipated movement and give a high degree of finish to the exterior.

The Elastoflex system incorporates mesh reinforcement within a highly elastic coating compliant with EN1504 – surface protection coatings.  The coating has good water vapour diffusion characteristics, is highly water repellent and highly resistant to the diffusion of carbon dioxide.


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