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Latest International News

First 3H Varnishes Integrated 19.06.2009

Just 4 months after taking over the east Westphalian company, 3H-Lacke Lackfabrik Hammen, Remmers Baustofftechnik is now offering customers the first products for coating wood surfaces. The products made by 3H-Lacke, which has a reputation especially as a supplier for the European furniture and kitchen industry, supplement Remmers' existing competence in the field of coatings.


Remmers One Step Ahead When It Comes to Service 15.06.2009

In the competition "Service for Joiners and Carpenters" organised by the German Association for Wood and Plastics (BHKH) and the Deutsche Messe AG that took place for the first time within the scope of the trade fair LIGNA 2009 (May 18-22, 2009 in Hanover), Remmers took first place.


Desalination - EU research results on poultice systems 11.06.2009

An international colloquium to be held at the Cologne Institute of Conservation Science, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, 28 - 29 September 2009.


Elastic Sealing Materials in Practice 02.03.2009

Elastic silicone sealing materials have a large range of applications in and on buildings, also for the construction of wood windows: e.g. as a sealing material between glazing and casement, for the construction between the frame and the building, for window sills or for sealing coupling joints between posts and rails. Elastic silicone sealing compounds are especially suitable for these applications since they not only have many advantages when it comes to the mechanics of joints but also meet many requirements that are relevant for wood windows: high UV resistance, resistance to weather, a wide variety of colours and their ease of use....


Priming, Staining and Varnishing with New Qualities 11.02.2009

For the first time at the Bau 2009 trade fair, Remmers Baustofftechnik presented four new brushing qualities in their assortment of stains and varnishes. Along with the new product qualities, the new products also have additional properties that make them highly interesting for both professionals and occasional users.


New Interior Insulation System from Remmers Awarded a Prize for Innovation 11.02.2009

With the properties of conventional interior insulation it is difficult to meet the requirements of the current German Energy Saving Act (EnEV). When the latest amendment of EnEV is passed by the German Federal Council, the requirements for existing buildings will increase again by approximately 30 % and by more than 20 % for thermal insulation. These increases require multi-functional system solutions that clearly improve the thermal standard of existing buildings as well as buildings under historical protection and also take the physical problems of these buildings into account. The promotion of such innovative product concepts was the goal of the group that offers this prize for innovation, Altbau 2009, and the prize was awarded on the occasion of the trade fair, BAU 2009, in Munich. The jury received 56 entries from European building material manufacturers, 10 of which were nominated. The group that awarded this innovation prize was made up of the German Work Group "Altbauerne


New Interior Insulation for Restoring Buildings iQ-Therm – the Intelligent Interior Insulation 11.02.2009

For the first time, at the trade fair BAU 2009 in Munich, Remmers Baustofftechnik presented their product systems for insulating and restoring buildings to save energy. The main focus was on the iQ-Therm Interior Insulation Panel, presented as the "intelligent" interior insulation. The system consists of a polyurethane-rigid foam panel that is filled with a highly capillary-active, mineral material which is subsequently coated with a porous, mineral, light-weight mortar that serves as a moisture buffering sorption and installation layer.


New ‘Arte Mundit’ Sensitive Surface Cleaning System 27.04.2007

Remmers have launched ‘Arte Mundit’ as an integral part of their complete range of stone and masonry cleaning systems. It is used for the water-free, safe, controlled and economic cleaning of interior surfaces including natural stone and plasterwork etc.


Relocation of UK Premises 01.10.2006

Remmers (UK) Limited have moved into new facilities in Crawley, which include offices, substantial customer training areas and extensive warehousing, which are all ideal to support the company’s continued growth.


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