Don't Pollute the Groundwater

Preventing spills and leaks of chemicals or products in to the groundwater has never been so important.

Asides the social responsibility the penalties for pollution are exceedingly harsh. You do not need to expose yourself to this risk. 

Tank lining and coating/bunding solutions from Remmers allow complete peace of mind. Almost any chemicals can be contained within the bund so that old damaged bunds can be repaired and your responsibility for groundwater production is also met.  

Ask us for a quotation now or call to discuss the options available.

  • Full range of chemical resistance
  • Refubishment of bunds and tanks
  • Resin, cement or silicate linings
  • Crack and leak sealing
  • Fibreglass reinforced linings
  • Free survey and quote
  • Full repair service

Technical Specification

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